Can art therapy help improve and increase the quality of life for those incarcerated while teaching them a valuable lesson on community through creativity?

Art therapy is a way to cope with stress and help those with physical disabilities as well, but it can also be utilized to help those who feel stuck and those seen a s outsiders. Art therapy is a way for one’s mind to travel through their own imagination and express what cant be said aloud.

By studying art therapy, I want to help those who have mental, emotional, and physical disabilities and find ways for them to learn to work in community through creativity. My goal, though, is to help the population that is seen as dangerous, which is those in prison or jail. I feel that by aiding those incarcerated, would help improve social skills, build up unity and community by showing them that imagination and creativity can help them go a long way.

My plan is to apply what I have learned to many outlets of therapy based facilities, hospitals, and homes. I want to show people that art is more than just images on a paper, but instead a way to help cope through any problems.